How to Generate Your Affiliate Links to Promote Children Learning Reading

Our Clickbank ID is 1CHILDREAD

1) Your hoplink would look something like this:

Replace the CBID with your own affiliate ID.

2) Alternatively, clickbank also has a link configurator that will code your link for you. Click the link below to have clickbank auto generate your hoplink for you:

3) If you do not have a Clickbank account yet, you can signup for one for free here:


Linking Directly to CB Payment Page (IMPORTANT!)

You can link directly to Clickbank's payment (shopping cart) page if you prefer. But please follow the INSTRUCTIONS BELOW CAREFULLY, OR your links will not work properly!

ASSUMING you've already set your affiliate cookie, you can link directly to the payment page as follows:

Standard pacakge buy link: &cbskin=19940&dlgp=14
Premium pacakge buy link:

You MUST add the ending bit of code in RED and BOLD (&dlgp=14  or &dlgp=2), or your links will not work properly.


Linking to Different Landing Pages

Current default landing page works the best, but you can use the links below to link to different landing pages of your choice.

Main landing page with no email opt-in:

Old format, long landing page:

Landing page with no exit pop (converts lower tha pages with exit pop):

Link directly to the order page:

Please replace CBID in the links with your Clickbank affiliate ID.