Pre-Researched & Neatly Organized Keywords

We all know that targeting keywords is important for organic or ppc traffic. So we are providing a huge list of our in-house keywords for you to use. There are probably over 1,500 keywords in this list that we prepared and used for our own marketing efforts. It's a large list, and we have also extensively organized and grouped the keywords into related keyword groupings, and you will find this very useful, and save you a lot of time doing keyword research.

The keywords are provide in the following Excel file.

Click here to download Keywords.xlsx
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How to use this keyword file:

After you download and open the file, you'll see several columns of keywords. Beside each column of keyword, you'll see another column of numbers. It looks something like this:

teach child how to read          33100
teach a child how to read       33100
teach children how to read     22200
teach kids how to read           22200
teach your child how to read  14800

The first column shows the keywords, and the 2nd column with the numbers shows the "demand" column, and this shows an approximate number of searches made for each of the keywords in a 1 month period. These keyword search stats are from google keyword tool.

This let's you see an approximation of how many times a particular keyword was searched by internet users. This will be useful for you to pick and choose keywords to target.

The keywords have also been nicely organized and sorted out (by us) into small 20 to 50 keyword "related groups". Some groups have more, some have less.

Click here to download Keywords.xlsx
Right click and "Save As..."