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Q & A: Helping Children With Reading Problems

I get a lot of emails from parents with children of all ages. Some are asking for guidance on how to teach their child to read, others have specific questions related to our Learn to Read program, and there are also others who are asking for help for children who are falling behind in their reading skills that have already started school. Below is a question I received from a concerned grand parent who's grand child is having reading difficulties in grade 2.

Q: My grandson is in second grade.His teacher says he is below his grade level in reading.He does not get help at home.So I'm looking for something I can do to help me help him. Can this program help me help him?

A: Our Children Learning Reading program can help any child become an efficient reader by developing phonemic awareness skills. I have used our program to teach all of our own children to read before they turned 3, and have also taught other young children successfully to read as well using our program. So yes, our program is extremely effective at teaching children to read.

However, I have to mention here that our program is ONLY as effective as the parents or caregiver is willing to commit to teaching a child to read. As good as it is, if the caregiver is unable to persist with lots of patience and care, it will be a difficult task indeed.

If your grandson's parents are unable to spend time to help him, then it is very important that you must be able to spend just 10 to 15 minutes each day with him to help him develop the most basic skills in phonemic awareness. You may spend a little extra time daily as well if you choose, to help him move along quicker. As well, we offer a 60 day no question asked money back guarantee, so if you don’t find that your grand child is improving in reading skills, simply ask for a refund. Again, persistency, patience, and consistency, and daily learning routine is extremely important for success.

Here's what other parents and grandparents in similar situations had to say about using our reading program:

Why Are So Many Children Poor Readers?

Have you ever wondered why so many of our children are poor readers? Typically, the school always puts the blame on the parents, on the family, and on the child - rarely (never) do they openly admit that it is perhaps the teaching methods employed by the public education system that chronically produces such poor readers. So poor that 38% of all grade four students can't even achieve basic literacy levels - that's a little over 1 in every 3 children!

Scientific studies and research have even proven that teaching phonics and phonemic awareness is far superior than the whole language method of learning to read. Yet, you still see on television and infomercials of so-called "learn to read" programs that can even teach babies to read. Not one of those babies are reading. Instead they are MEMORIZING! Yes, that's right, they simply MEMORIZE the word shapes they see repeatedly with visual cues and associate meanings to those words. Let's put it this way, how many words do you think an adult can memorize before they have difficulties?

In fact, the whole language method of learning to read can even impede the learning to read progress of many children, simply because they FAIL to develop any level of phonemic awareness. With the look and say approach, a child simply learns to read by visual cues, and by the entire configuration of the words they see. They do not develop an understanding of the connection between the components of a word which makes a word sound the way it does. These children become poor readers, and they will guess, skip over, or replace words they are unable to read.

Learning to read is NOT a difficult process. Our Reading program is a guaranteed process that will teach children to read fluently and effectively. Our Children Learning Reading program will help children develop superior phonemic awareness and go on to become superb readers. Trust your own judgment and give our program a try, you'll be glad you did.

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