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Teaching Children to Read and
Phonics Articles

Program Review: Children Learning Reading - Why you should use the Children Learning Reading program to teach your child to read.

Videos: 2 and 4 year Old Reading

3 Tips to Teaching Your Child How to Read
As parents, you are the most important teacher for your children. You will introduce your child to books and reading. Here, we have some tips to help you teach your child to read.

Activities for Children in Reading
A list of some of our children's favorite books for fun reading activities. These books contain great storylines, and wonderful illustrations.

Best Way to Teach a Child to Read
One of the best ways to teach young children to read is through phonemic awareness instructions.

Can Your Baby Read?
Teaching small babies who are just a few months old, and cannot even speak yet has become a rather popular topic among parents. Discover the difference between a child who can really read, and a child who only pretends to read by "memorizing".

Does Reading Make You Smarter?
Can reading really make you smarter? Studies done by Cunningham and Stanovich suggests that reading can help improve intelligence. Their studies suggests that learning to read at a young age leads to a positive reading experience, and helps improve cognitive abilities.

Famous People Who Learned to Read Early

Helping Children With Reading Problems - Have you ever wondered why so many of our children are poor readers? Typically, the school always puts the blame on the parents, on the family, and on the child - rarely (never) do they openly admit that it is perhaps the teaching methods employed by the public education system that chronically produces such poor readers.

Help My Child Learn to Read Better
Being able to read will help your child learn more about the world, understand directions on signs and posters, allow them to find reading as an entertainment, and help them gather information.

Help With Reading Comprehension
How well a person understands what he or she has just read is known as reading comprehension, and the level of reading comprehension varies greatly from person to person.

How do You Teach Children to Read
Learn about what the best ways are to teach children to read.

How to Teach a Four Year Old to Read
Watch a video of a four year old child reading at a grade 3 level, and see what one parent had to say about our Children Learning Reading program helping his son improve his speech difficulties, and go from the bottom of the class in reading to the top in just 12 weeks.

How to Teach Reading Using Phonics
Teaching Children phonics and helping them develop phonemic awareness is the key to mastering words, which is the first key step toward successful reading.

Improve Reading Comprehension Skills in Children
Discover 3 key strategies to greatly improve reading comprehension skills in your children, and help them become better and faster readers.

Infographic - The Sounds of English

Is Early Reading Bad for a Child?
Some seem to believe that learning to read early will have negative effects for a child's development. Find out why that's false.

Kids and Reading - How Kids Learn to Read
Children are gathering critical information about reading and writing from all around them, and one of the most important sources of print exposure for small kids are children's books and children's rhymes.

Learning to Reading
The topic I'd like to explore a bit here is on the issue of whether learning to reading, developing literacy skills, and spending a lot of time reading will make a person or a child smarter?

Read to Learn Learn to Read - Kids who learn to read early will go one to achieve greater academic success. Research has found that children who learn to read and develop foundational reading skills early on will continue to expand their reading abilities, while children who do not have foundation reading skills fall behind and it becomes harder and harder to catch up.

Reading With Toddlers
Discover the beneits of reading to your toddler, and how to read to your toddler for maximizing the benefits of reading. Also see book recommendation included.

Reading Test for Children 1 - A discussion of the Burt Reading Test for testing children's reading skill level.

Reading Test for Children 2 - The Word Reading Test is another reading test for testing children's reading skill levels. See how a 3 year 11 months old child achieved a grade 3 equivalent score.

Reading Test for Children 3 - The 3rd and final part, which discusses a 3rd reading test called the Wide Range Reading Test for Kindergarten to College.

Research on Phonemic Awareness
In the past few decades, large amounts of research have improved our understanding of phonemic awareness and its importance in helping children learn to read.

Strategy for Teaching Reading
What are the best strategies for teaching reading to small children? Learn about which strategies to avoid and which strategies to use when teaching your toddler to read.

Teach Child How to Read Benefits
Studies have shown that early home literacy experiences relates directly to the enhanced development of vocabulary, listening, comprehension, and language skills.

Teach Child to Read Stimulates IQ Development
We all know that our brains develop the most in the early formative years of life, and it is during this time that the most critical phase of intellectual development takes place in small children.

Teach My Child to Read - Letter Names & Letter Sounds
So, you want to teach your child to read, but before a child can learn to read, he or she must first learn at least some of the letters in the alphabet, their names, and the sounds that they represent.

Teach Your Child to Read Early
It is clear that language and reading ability during early child development passes great benefits to the child as they progress through school at all grades

Teaching Children to Read and Write
Reading must begin early in the life of a child, whether it is just an alphabet letter, a word, a sentence, a paragraph, or a story.

Teaching Children Reading at Home
It's never too late to start home lessons and programs to teach your children to read. Regardless how old your child is, starting a reading program at a young age will have ample benefits.

Teaching Phonemic Awareness Skills
Teaching phonemic awareness skills involves the break down of words into individual sounds (phonemes), and then joining the parts to form, or sound out the words.

Teaching Phonics to Children
Teaching children to read by teaching phonics activities is a lot like doing math, where you have to know what the numbers are, how to count, and you need to learn to add and subtract before learning to multiply and divide.

Teaching Three Year Old Reading
Can you really teach a 2 or 3 year old toddler to read? Is it really possible? Our answer is yes. See videos of our two and three year old child reading.

Teaching Your Baby to Read
Teaching your baby to read is becoming more and more high priority for parents now as it becomes clear that learning to read at a young age offers numerous advantages for the child once he or she begins school.

Tip to Teaching Phonemic Awareness
Helping young children develop phonemic awareness early on is one of the keys for children to develop exceptional reading and writing skills once they begin attending schools.

Teaching Toddlers Reading
Do toddlers really have short attention span making it difficult to teach them to read? Or is that toddlers have a natural love of learning, and are extremely eager learners? Find out.

What is Phonemic Awareness
Phonemic Awareness is defined as the ability to identify, hear, and work with the smallest units of sound known as phonemes.

What is Synthetic Phonics
How do you teach phonics to kids, and what is systematic phonics and synthetic phonics?

When Kids Learn to Read
Learn about the learning to read progress of kids from birth up to grade 3. See how children progress from emergent literacy to conventional literacy.

Why Should Kids Read
Reading is the primary skill that everyone must master to become successful in life. This is no different for children, and probably even more critical for young kids to develop fluent reading skills to succeed at school.

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