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Children Reading Test

The Word Reading Test (WRT) (part 2)

In of our reading test for children, we discussed in detail the Burt Reading test. It's a test that estimates a child's reading age and grade based on the number of words a child reads from a total of 110 words. Our 3 year 9 months old daughter read 42 words which puts her at a reading age of 7 years and 6 months (grade 2). in this part 2, we'll discuss a different reading test called the WRT (Word Reading Test), which is a sub-test in the Quick Adult Reading Inventory for assessment of reading levels. This Word Reading Test is provided for free by LINCS.ED.GOV, and you can download it here. (opens PDF file in new window)

The WRT is a bit different from the Burt Test. It tests a child's reading level up to a grade equivalent (GE) of 10 - starting at GE 1. With the WRT, there are a total of 5 lists of words, and each list ranks a child's approximate reading age based on the number of words the child reads correctly. Each list contains 10 words, and represents two grade level equivalents (GE). For example, list A is for GE 1 and 2, list B is for GE 3 and 4, and list E is for GE 9 and 10. Within each 10 word list, if a child reads 7 correct words, he or she scores at the lower grade level, and if the child reads 9 correct words, he or she scores at the higher grade level. We'll use our child's test results as an example.

We did the Word Reading Test with our daughter when she was 3 years and 11 months old, about 2 months after she did the Burt Test. We started her off with List A (GE 1-2), and here are the words:

  1. Man
  2. So
  3. Day
  4. Sun
  5. Tree
  6. Friend
  7. Her
  8. Long
  9. Us
  10. When

Mastery for GE 1 is 7 correct words, and for GE 2 is 9 correct words. (GE = grade equivalent)

Our daughter had no problems with any of the words here, and scored 10/10 for list A. So we progress to list B (GE 3 - 4), and here are the list B words.

  1. Airplane
  2. Before
  3. Water
  4. Hundred
  5. Bank
  6. Thursday
  7. Complete
  8. Package
  9. Record
  10. Science

Mastery for GE 3 is 7 correct, and for GE 4 is 9 correct words.

For list B, our daughter scored 8 out of 10, which puts her at a grade equivalent of 3. The two words she could not read were 1) Airplane and 10) Science. She had no problems with the other 8. We did not progress further since she did not score enough for GE4; however, we asked her to try reading the words in list C (GE 5-6), and she was able to read just 2 of the words. From the results of the Word Reading Test, our 3 year 11 months old daughter achieved GE3, and with the Burt Reading test, she scored 80th percentile within grade 2.

It is quite an accomplishment for a 3 year 11 months old child to develop reading abilities equivalent to a grade 2 or 3 level (depending on which test you choose). This was possible because we believe that reading is a skill that all normal young children can achieve if taught with proper instructions, and we began teaching our daughter to read before she was 3 years old using the simple, step-by-step program that we developed. A lot of research, and trial and error went into the development of our Children Learning Reading Program, but what we can conclusively say from our own experiences is that any normal child that is able to speak, can be taught to read if given the opportunity using the proper methods and techniques.

A normal and healthy young child can be taught to read at a level far beyond their years if parents are willing to accept this possibility and take a proactive approach to teaching their children. Learning to read and reading is probably one of the best ways for stimulating the intellectual development and growth in children. Studies have even found that reading volume has a direct effect and influence on our cognitive abilities and intelligence. Yes, we're proud of our kids, but we discuss the reading test results here to show you what can be accomplished if you are willing to spend 10 to 15 minutes a day (everyday) teaching your child to read.

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