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Videos: Two Year Old Reading

2 Years 8 Months Old Reading

We're going to share some videos of our children reading here. The first video you see here is of our second child Ethan at 2 years 8 months old. This video shows his reading progress at 4 weeks and 8 weeks of reading instructions with our reading program. Here's the video:

The first minute or so of the video shows Ethan reading after 4 weeks of reading lessons, and the rest of the video shows him after 8 weeks of reading lessons. At that point, we were doing some random reviews of what he had learned so far. One thing to note is that there's no word shape "memorization" involved with our reading program, and it involves teaching a child to read through two key aspects: 1) developing phonemic awareness and 2) using synthetic phonics. Through a simple, logical, and sequential order of learning, a two year old child can learn to read effectively as you've seen in the video above. We began sentence work with him around the 5 week mark, and sentence reading is several degrees more difficult than reading just 3 or 4 letter words.

The second half of the video shows Ethan reading at 8 weeks of lessons, and at that time, he was on lesson #21 of our program. In stage one of our program there are 28 lessons, and in stage two there are 22 lessons. So in total there are 50 lessons. Generally, by the end of stage 1 of our reading program, most children will have already developed superb foundational reading skills. The child will have developed keen phonemic awareness skills along with accurate and efficient decoding and reading abilities.


Below is a video taken 3 weeks later after 11 weeks of reading instructions. At this point, Ethan has just about completed stage one of our reading program, and has transitioned from reading all capital letters to being able to read lower case letters as well. This transition is made in lesson #25.

Below, we have a another video of a 2 year old reading, and this time, it's of our daughter reading when she was 2 years 11 months old. (Note: she is two years older than Ethan.) Here's the video:

This second video shows our 2 year 11 months old daughter reading after 3 months of reading lessons with our Children Learning Reading program. You'll notice that with the extra 4 - 5 weeks of lessons, she is a bit more fluent and faster at reading, and also capable of reading longer sentences. We have every expectation that Ethan will read just as well after going through the same amount of lesson time (10 to 15 minutes per day). You may also notice that in the first video, Ethan is reading flash cards using all capital letters while in the second video, Raine is reading in lower case letters. This is mainly because our program starts off with teaching the capital letters, and then smoothly transitions to lower case letters in lesson #25, but as Ethan was on lesson #21 at that time, he has not learned the lower case letters yet.

Some may also wonder why is the child reading each word twice? Actually, they are not reading it "twice", but in the first go, it is a process of "decoding" and "sounding out" the word, and the second go is the actual reading of the full word at normal speed. During the early stages of learning to read, our goal is to help the child develop a super fluent, automatic, and an innate ability to decode and read. It is through repeated practice at decoding and sounding out words, that the child eventually develops reading fluency. Often times, even when our children are able to read without first decoding / sound it out, we still ask them to practice at it. Because it will eventually lead to reading skills like this:

Video: 4 Year Old Reading

This third video was recorded when Raine was 4 years 5 months old. By this time, she was already reading at a grade 4 level with a reading age of 10 years. Again, this all starts with helping the child develop phonemic awareness, and through the use and teaching of synthetic phonics in a logical and sequential order. We have every expectation that her younger brother, Ethan, will read just as well as he grows and gets a little older. The benefits of reading are well documented: increased knowledge, enhanced intellectual development, improved verbal intelligence, and reading even makes you smarter. Start teaching your child to read today. We can help.

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Here's one more video of Raine reading chapter books at just 4 years 11 months old.