Hi Jim,

My names is Bashir. I would like to thank you first. My daughter finished the program awhile back and her reading is amazing. She had a early entrance test to kindergarten because she was born late, when the kindergarten teachers took the test from daughter they were shocked to find that this tiny yet to be 5 year old could read and could read way better than the other children. This was not what they were used to seeing. Especially not kids whose English is second or third language.

For me English is my third language, but for my daughter, English is her second language. Now my daughter is the highest student in her class. Her teacher told me couple days that she is going to put her in the first grade reading. The best part is that she was not even suppose to be in kindergarten let alone attend first grade reading. All I will say is that this program is the best that is out there. Thank you for sharing this wonderful program with us. My daughter benefited from it for sure and I am about to start with my 2 year old.