Hello Jim,

I purchased your program to use in my kindergarten class. I teach 15 Native American children in a small school on the Wind River Indian reservation in Wyoming. The results have been amazing! I have finished with the first 28 lessons. Before I began your program I was following a sight-word-based curriculum my school has been using for about 6 years. My students were not progressing toward reading at all. That is what put me in search of something else and led me to you.

Currently, most of my little ones can easily sound out CVC words, plus other short vowel sound words prescribed in your program. They are progressing nicely and working on reading the stories that go with it, I have decided to work harder on automaticity with what I have already taught before I go forward with the next book. I think I might have gone a little faster with the lessons than I should have. But I couldn't be happier with the results.

I just wish I could have found CLR earlier for this class. But according to the 1st grade teacher here, my students are much further along with their reading ability than any other class has been so far since she has been here (this is my first year teaching at this school). I hope to be well into the next book before school gets out in7 weeks. I plan to continue to use your program in the coming years, beginning at the first of the year. I hope to have my subsequent classes reading like troopers by the end of the year and developing a life-long love of reading!

Thanks so much,

Janeil S., Wind River Reservation, Wyoming