Hi Jim,

I have been meaning to email you and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your program. Zavier loved doing your program and I found it very easy to teach.( I have learnt a lot as well) his reading has improved so so much! After just 2 weeks his teacher noticed a difference and was asking me what we were doing at home! Before he started your program he was on a level 10 and has now progressed to level 17 !!!! His target is 20 by the end of the year which is a target for children at our school before they enter year 3. So I am very confident that he will hit this target and beyond.

I have been recommending your program to everyone I know including the school teachers. Not only is Zavier progressing quite fast but he is a lot more confident. He has found a new love for reading (and spelling too.)

Our school focuses on sight words way too much and I actually stopped this for a while. It was just not helping him at all and was actually contributing to his confusion. Now that he has more of an understanding of words he can actually figure out the word without relying on memorization! I am about to start the program with my 6 yr old son who has also hit a barrier with his reading. I really wish all Australian teachers followed your program as I believe that they would notice a huge improvement.

Thankyou for everything Jim....we will be forever grateful for the help you have given our son Zavier!

Kind regards,

Amber and Marco, Australia