Hi Jim,

Just wanted to say thank you for coming up with such a wonderful program. My 7 year old who is dyslexic is doing very well with your program. I tried it out on my 3 year old and he picked it up really fast. In less than a week into your program, he is already reading words and sentences. Just wondering if you have a math program too? Would greatly appreciate if you know of any good math program and could share it with me.

In my opinion, your program is great for dyslexic children. I work in the dyslexia association in Malaysia and they use phonics approach on the children too, that is how I got to know about the Fitzroy program (it's a 30yr old program from Australia). Your program is actually similar to the Fitzroy program, only difference is your program is more systematic and can be completed at a shorter period of time. My son, Andre has already been exposed to the sounds of all the alphabets, except for 'th' so I just tested him with all the words in stage 1 and got him to read the passages. He is now at stage 2 in lesson 2.

I would say the tip you shared about playing the guessing word game by sounding out the word and have the child guess what is being said is the most valuable tip for me. 2 days before every new lesson, I would play this game with him using all the words that he will be introduced to in a particular lesson. I didn't have to spend a lot of time teaching as he just picks it up right away since the blending and the sounding of the new words is already familiar and natural to him.

I also practise spelling with him by using the letter puzzle board before getting him to write it out in his exercise book. I revise the individual letter sounds with him every sessions before we start with the digraphs which he has been introduced to and new word cards. I do it with him abt 2-3 times a day and he enjoys it very much. My 3 year old also benefit a lot just by playing this game. In about a little more than a wk since I purchased your program, he's already half way through stage 1.

Yun Y., Malaysia