Hi Jim,

Thank you very much for following up. I am glad that you do follow up. It just shows that you are not just concerned about selling your product but you also want to make sure that your product is helping parents teach reading to their children.

I think your system is great. I wish I found out about this before I heard about Your Baby Can Read. My friend whose child is one year older than mine thought it was a great program and introduced it to me. My daughter had just turned one year old then and was attentive enough to sit through the lessons. She was captivated by it so I used it to babysit her when I want to be sure she's not going to any trouble while I do housework.

After a few months, she has memorized all the words and the songs so I searched for another program and I found Glen Doman's system with flashcards. I made flashcards and used them everynight until she memorized all the words I gave. I found that both programs are limited to the words I can introduce to my child. Luckily I found your phonics program and got the premium package.

Thank you for taking the time to read my email. I think you made a wonderful job with this reading program and I wish parents discover this program before they find other reading programs in the market.

Have a good day.