Hi Jim,

We are at lesson 24, and my 3Y3M daughter is doing great! We take it rather slowly, especially at the beginning as she didn't get the concept of blending at that point. Then, just all of a sudden, she just "got" it! To be honest, I can't tell exactly when she got the idea of blending but when she did, things became so easy for us. Whenever i teach her a new letter sound, she can pick it up and start blending the new words easily. Although sometimes she still have some trouble differentiating between "a" and "u", most of the time she is doing a good job.

My husband and I are very impressed with how far she comes from just knowing A-Z to reading sentences now. I have to thank you for this superb step-by-step course. It works! It really does! I have to tell you that before I decided to go with your program, I researched tons of reading programs on the market, i.e. Jolly Phonics, Hook on Phonics, First Steps reading, 4-steps phonics and the list goes on (I am an engineer, thus, I have the habit of doing in-depth research before doing anything.) Yours is THE ONLY ONE that provides step-by-step guidance and the most comprehensive one by far! I'm glad that I made the right choice.

Your video clips for Stage 1 works really well for me, seeing how you teach your kids really showed me how I should do it with my kid. Also, seeing how successfully you taught your kids, I am also wondering if you plan to introduce other courses like "children learning maths" etc?

Once again, thanks for such wonderful program!