Hi Jim,

We just finished lesson 9 in stage 2. She is doing fantastic. She loves reading her barbie books. I have a video I want to send you so you can see how she is doing.

Your program is so systematic and simple, yet amazingly effective. I also like that the lessons are short covering a new letter sound as well as reviewing previous lessons.

How cleverly made!!! We are currently on lesson 9 in stage 2 but when we hit lesson 3 in the stage 2, we had to move and couldn't do lessons at all for 2 weeks. By then, she was able to read simple books and even harder books with assistance, so, I bought her a ton of princess and barbie books for early readers and they kept her interested in practicing reading at her own pace. We couldn't have done this without your program for sure.

Thank you so much, Jim!

Noriko I.

Below is the short video of Noriko's 3.8 year old daughter reading, at about half way through stage 2 of our reading program:


Progress Update - 2.5 months later

About 2.5 months later, I received another email from Noriko and 2 video clips showing her daughter reading, and WOW is she reading! Here's what she had to say:

Hi Jim,

Just wanted to let you know that she is doing very well, way beyond our expectations. Back in April, I never dreamed that she would be reading at the level she is now! She actually reads 10-20 Easy Reader type of  books on her own. Yeah, I am very lucky. :).

I just re invited to the dropbox folder sharing where you can find two videos.

Happy reading!

Noriko I.


2nd Update - 6 months later

A little over 6 months later, I received a new update from Noriko along with a short video.

Hi Jim,

I just wanted to update you with Ivy's reading progress. She is reading like a pro!! We started the program about a year ago and nowadays she is so competent that she corrects me while I read to her. She is now starting to practice her alphabets and spelling, taking full advantage of your reading program. We still keep our lessons sweet and short as you mentioned. This kind of teaching tips is definitely one of the biggest benefit I got from your program!

Thank you so much!

Noriko I.