Hello Jim,

My name is Dwight, and happy to tell you that the program has continued success with my now 5 yr old girl. She is currently on lesson 3 stage 2. She's progressing quite a bit and seems to be able to pick up on new letter combinations.

She has trouble sounding out "E" and "i" because they almost sound the same, the lower case letter "b" and "d" gives her trouble as well all of which we kept practicing for and extra day or two just so she can be used to seeing and sounding them out.

I on the other hand have trouble trying to teach her the sound of "y", for instance the y in the "my" and "year". Even with some minor hiccups she is still going strong. Thanks to the program she is able to read out most of the books her level with minor guidance on some words that can't be sounded out.

Any videos on stage two? Like the vlog you did on stage one.

Thanks again

Dwight. K.

Below is the short video of D.K.'s 5 year old daughter reading after 12 weeks of lessons.